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We develop industry leading technologies that help healthcare providers solve some of their most pressing challenges. Our medical imaging solutions enable radiologists, physicians and specialists to securely access, interpret and share medical images and reports across different platforms; anywhere, anytime. PaxeraHealth solutions are designed to help facilities scale smarter and faster. They interoperate with virtually any EMR / HIS / RIS, enabling seamless access to all patient data across the enterprise. Our enterprise solutions are built with smart productivity tools, real-time collaboration, integrated voice recognition, advanced business analytics and secure image sharing for continuous improvement in the quality of patient care – all while supporting workflows and productivity.

● Enterprise Imaging
● Radiology PACS
● Mobile Imaging
● Workstations
● Dental PACS
● Vet PACS
● Informatics
● Patient Engagement

PaxeraUltima360 is an AI-based Enterprise Imaging Platform that can be incrementally priced, licensed, configured and adopted. Organizations can select a single scalable, multi-specialty enterprise-imaging vendor solution with a flexible approach, allowing them to invest in what they need, when they need it as they grow and evolve.
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PaxeraShare is a modern approach to image sharing and data access across multi-specialty simplifying image sharing and eliminating the need to burn CD/DVDs. The provider-to-provider sharing platform enables anytime, anywhere access to all DICOM and non-DICOM images and offers simple to use viewing tools for annotations and measurements, with no need to view from different proprietary viewers.
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PaxeraAI is designed to learn and improve its accuracy as it interacts with radiologists, using the latest machine-learning technology to monitor users’ behavioral patterns and adjust to their preferences, in addition to contributing their diagnostic knowledge to the model’s database.

With thousands of built-in commands, EraBot is able to interact seamlessly with users via speech and text, gives them access to radiology resources during reading or dictation, as well as pulls relevant patient data from the EMR directly on the viewing screen alongside images, simplifying access to lab results, medications, patient history, and more.

PaxeraUltima is a powerful browser-based, all-encompassing multi-modality medical viewer. It provides a consolidated work list and an easy to use universal viewer with a full spectrum of diagnostics and reporting tools – all from a single login
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PaxeraDental is a comprehensive and easy to use PACS solution for displaying dental images online. The solution features extensive hanging protocols, including various predefined and customizable FMX template modes. The incorporated hanging protocols enable users to automatically display digital radiographic images on one or multiple monitors. The images show intraoral, panoramic, and cephalometric views generated during examinations. PaxeraDental supports all DICOM modalities and features a full spectrum of diagnostic and reporting tools.
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PaxeraVet is a full-featured PACS solution built to view, process, distribute and manage veterinary images with ease. The solution connects your veterinary practice effortlessly with the ability to pull medical images instantly. The PACS system supports all DICOM modalities and can import and export any media.
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PaxeraView PRO is a powerful, stand-alone clinical solution designed to suit the needs of small facilities. The solution allows users to securely archive and easily access patients’ medical images.

The powerful PACS workstation incorporates a complete diagnostic viewer and universal web-viewers that enable physicians and radiologists to view studies from any workstation in the facility – with no plug-in required.

Designed with productivity in mind, the solution offers an unrivaled performance, with a superior DICOM engine, intuitive interface, customized viewing protocols, advanced visualization and diagnostic reporting – all managed through one simple login and backed by our signature customer service.
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iPaxera is an advanced and easy to use mobile medical image viewer, designed to enable radiologists to view DICOM studies from any iOS or android device.

iPaxera offers ubiquitous viewing from any PACS system and effortless access to studies in real-time, the intuitive solution empowers caregivers to view studies on the go and deliver improved quality of care.

Radiologists can diagnose on lunch break or vacation time, dictate, or write reports via the embedded reporting tool, and send reports by email or save them with studies. Physicians can use their iPad or tablet during consultation, to show patients their images in real-time, as it gets sent from the acquisition station.
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PaxeraVNA is an advanced vendor-neutral platform that increases efficiency while reducing costs. Have secure control of all image data with advanced organizational and image lifecycle management tools. Our future-ready VNA can be customized to fit the needs of your facility now and later. Consolidate your image handling through a single, centralized multimedia archive with PaxeraVNA.
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Introducing the all-new web-based PaxeraRIS – an intuitive workflow management platform that enables complete control of all radiology data and simplifies the workflow across the entire radiology department. Built from the ground up using cutting edge technology, the solution boasts a new standard for radiology healthcare informatics with its powerful workflow management engine and extensive set of business intelligence tools. The solution is web-based, cross-platform and cross-browser compatible and can be configured into a local or cloud solution.
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CareRad is an image exchange platform solving a basic problem: how to give patients control over their MRI, CT, x-ray studies and other medical images, right from their mobile phones. CareRadMD, the provider side companion app, allows radiologists to communicate directly with providers and solves communication issues for critical results.
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Paxera Patient Portal: The same way PACS has transformed the film-based workflow for the radiology departments and clinicians, Paxera Patient Portal is transforming how facilities share medical images with their patients. The portal takes traditional media (such as films, CDs and DVDs) away from the administration desk and replaces them with an advanced zero-footprint patient portal.

The intuitive, zero-footprint patient portal enables patients to view their medical images and reports from any browser or mobile device and allows the patient to share the study with another physician via a share study URL.

PaxeraBroker is an advanced HL7-DICOM server, ideal solution for connecting the imaging departments PACS to any Hospital Information System (HIS) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software, using HL7 messaging protocol.

PaxeraBroker supports all DICOM management classes, as well as conversions between HL7 and DICOM – guaranteeing the capability to handle integration between the PACS-RIS and PACS-HIS environments.

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