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Mindray Point of Care Ultrasound Machines

Mindray offers the most comprehensive portfolio of ultrasound solutions for quick and confident decisions at the patient’s bedside. From entry-level, touch-enabled systems to sophisticated, laptop or cart-based designs, our point-of-care (POC) ultrasound systems are an excellent choice to meet the required versatility and demands of the fast-paced, point-of-care departments including Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Anesthesia, and others.
Mindray’s point-of-care solutions also include sophisticated tools to streamline workflow and effectively manage your ultrasound program. All systems interface with Qpath, an industry-leading ultrasound workflow solution, and include Z-Tracking™, an industry-first transducer tracking technology. A robust set of cybersecurity features with M-Secure is also available across all point-of-care systems.


TE7 Point of Care Ultrasound. A sensitive, touch-enabled ultrasound system that delivers superior image quality for rapid, confident decisions. Truly, innovation at your fingertips.
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ME8 Point of Care Ultrasound. The industry’s first laptop-based ultrasound system powered by ZST+. This next-generation design brings market-leading image quality, enhanced workflow, and industrial design to the point of care.
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M9 Point of Care Ultrasound. Premium imaging enabled by a powerful platform, this compact, laptop ultrasound system delivers robust performance anytime, anywhere.
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Z.One PRO Point of Care Ultrasound. Pushes the boundaries of ultrasound with affordable and powerful performance delivering superb imaging capabilities based on award-winning technology.
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