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Mindray Office Solutions

Mindray offers a comprehensive portfolio of ultrasound solutions to address the diverse needs of your private practice or clinic. From entry level black-and-white systems to sophisticated cart-based and touch enabled systems, Mindray ultrasound systems deliver premium performance and capabilities you can rely on when caring for your patients.

Cart-Based Systems

Mindray offers several ultrasound solutions to meet the imaging needs of the private office. From the DC-40 to the DC-88, the DC Series cart-based systems deliver high resolution imaging across all general imaging, women’s imaging, and shared service applications.

All systems include:
● Touchscreen capability to increase operational efficiency
● Battery for standby mode to enable easy repositioning of the system without shutting down (DC-40 only)
● Significant patient data storage (up to 1TB)
● Comprehensive clinical packages
● Advanced features such as CEUS, elastography, iClear/ iBeam, iLive, Smart OB, IVF package, iScape, and Auto IMT
● Excellent ergonomic design, including dedicated endocavity transducer holder, dual arm monitor adjustment and rotatable/height adjustable control panel.

Portable Systems

When portability is key to your ultrasound needs, Mindray has choices designed to enable seamless scanning. From durable laptop designs to intuitive, touch-enabled ultrasound systems, Mindray offers solutions to fit into your workflow and meet your budgetary requirements. These systems offer comprehensive and powerful functionality in a small footprint – from POC to shared service and cardiology.

All systems include:
● Battery operated to support scanning – anywhere, anytime
● Patient data storage from SSD to HDD
● Rich features enabling a wide range of applications, including CEUS, iClear, iBeam, iLive, iNeedle™, Smart OB, iScape, Auto IMT and Auto EF
● Needle visualization technologies including eSpatial Navi™*, a 4D needle navigation technology delivering enhanced needle visualization during in-plane and out-of-plane procedures
● Hands-free scanning with iVocal Voice Control*
* Available on the TE Series systems only

Veterinary Systems

From the smallest to the largest animal, Mindray covers a multitude of four-legged patients. From basic to high-end systems, Mindray provides several choices, depending on the application and budget needs.

All systems include:
● All systems have battery capability to support ongoing scanning – anywhere, anytime
● Comprehensive preset and customization capability
● Built-in patient management system for massive data storage
● Dedicated animal reproduction software for multiple animals
● Dedicated endorectal linear probe for large animals
● An anti-dust/liquid protective film to help safeguard the control panel.

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