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AMRAD® Medical FMT Classic

Quality and Volume Alternative

The AMRAD Medical FMT Classic is a high-quality alternative to the DFMT. The robust FMT Classic offers the versatility and functionality of the DFMT with an analog SID readout for more conservative imaging budgets.

● Excellent Value - A cost-efficient precision imaging suite

● Built To Last - A heavy-duty, continuous-column tubestand allows for stable floor-mounting.

● Highest-Capacity Elevating Table - Supports patients weighing up to 650 lbs.

The FMT Classic delivers maximum capability and is designed for use in medium to high volume clinics. Technologist-friendly features, such as the Easy-Read Angulation Dial and One-Touch Release Handle make positioning easy and helps to improve patient throughput. Safety features like the Recessed Foot Pedals and positioning features like the Comfortable Patient Chin Rest and Table Working Height Indicator allow the technologist to focus on the patient improving the quality of the patient experience.

Comfortable Patient Chin Rest
● Conveniently placed chin rest ensures patient comfort and aligns the body to the receptor for upright exams. <

One-Touch Release Handle
● Refine equipment positions with the touch of a button.

Table Working Height Indicator
● Indicator light for optimal working height of elevating table.

Easy-Read Angulation Dial
● The system’s easy-read angulation dial makes identifying and adjusting angles fast and accurate.

Recessed Foot Pedals
● Recessed four-pedal design provides easy operation and patient safety.

Floor Mounted Tubestand
● Floor mounted rail for longitudinal positioning to table and wall stand
● Transverse and rotational positioning for broad range of patient exams
● Minimum ceiling height requirement of 87” helps reduce costly room renovations

Elevating Table
● Elevating, four-way-float, flat top for easy transferring and positioning of patients
● 400 pound patient capacity
● Recessed four pedal design provides easy operation and patient safety
● Indicator light for optimal working table height

Wall Stand
● Center mount fully counterbalanced
● Push button lock release handle for easy positioning
● Comfortable patient chin rest

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