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AMRAD® Medical AAU Classic / AAU Elite

Single-Receptor Solutions

The AAU Classic and AAU Elite represent the world's most widely accepted U Arm structures. Paired with the fully integrated DR Elite (AAU Elite), or purchased as a detector-neutral solution (AAU Classic), these built-to last U-arms provide excellent diagnostic results and greatly improve department productivity.

Peak Performance
Achieve peak performance by migrating most exams to standing positions improving productivity and throughput.

Smart Investment
AAU Elite offers equal features and earn equal reimbursement to all of its more costly competition and all of this at 5 times the warranty. Smart decisions equal smart investments. Be smart!

Add the following benefits with AAU Elite paired exclusively with DR Elite:

Responsible Dose Management
Low Dose Sensitivity Mode (LDSM) allows for up to 50% dose reduction in dose sensitive studies while maintaining excellent diagnostic quality.

Seamless Stitching
Perform LLI and Scoliosis exams with accuracy and ease using the automated equipment and automatic stitching function.


AMRAD® Medical DR Elite™ Image Capture Workstations
● Simple, clean, and intuitive two screen workflow: (Work list and Acquire/Review screen)
● Multi-touch or keyboard interface with touch gesture and animated sliding transparencies
● Image preview in 2 seconds from exposure
● Integration with Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMS) with full MWL, MPPS integrations with RIS/HIS providers
● Multiple automated exports that can be user configured with a single touch of a button
● Complete integration of dose area product meters (DAP) with all readings recorded for export as well as embedded in DICOM image tags

Advanced Features
● Generator Interface Control
● Auto-Positioning
● Low Dose Sensitivity Mode (LDSM) allows for as much as 50% dose reduction in dose sensitive studies while maintaining excellent diagnostic image results
● Rejection analysis with user customization of reports
● Embedded Operating System for network safe environments
● Embedded Help Functions for immediate support services
● Windows 10 Embedded Operating System

● Stitching
● Workstations include 24/7/365 Support and
● 99% Uptime Guarantee


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